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688Frank Marshall05-06-30, 04:58pm
727Fred Reinfeld05-06-30, 01:56pm
784Frederick Yates05-06-30, 04:19pm
494French defence05-06-28, 03:26pm
710Fridrik Olafsson05-06-30, 01:36pm
469Friedrich Amelung05-06-28, 01:42pm
1130Friedrich Baumbach06-10-24, 06:59pm
617Gambit05-06-29, 05:18pm
549game clock05-07-01, 09:51pm
647Garry Kasparov05-06-30, 05:03pm
642Gata Kamsky05-06-30, 04:59pm
818George Alan Thomas05-06-30, 10:01pm
660Georges Koltanowski05-06-29, 10:06pm
466Gerald Abrahams05-06-28, 01:39pm
503Gerardo Barbero05-06-28, 03:40pm
1132Gert Jan Timmerman06-10-24, 07:00pm
687Geza Maroczy05-06-30, 05:06pm
753Gideon Stahlberg05-06-30, 02:25pm
575Gioacchino Greco05-06-29, 03:34pm
578Gisela Kahn Gresser05-06-29, 03:39pm

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