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863Lacny05-07-01, 08:46pm
723Lajos Portisch05-06-30, 01:52pm
537Larry Christiansen05-06-29, 07:37am
561Larry Evans05-06-29, 01:49pm
983Lasker Trap05-07-05, 04:41pm
1044Latvian counter-gambit05-07-05, 11:40pm
814Laura Ross05-06-30, 10:13pm
676Legall de Kermeur05-06-29, 10:31pm
677Legallīs mate05-06-29, 10:32pm
477Leonard Barden05-06-28, 01:59pm
744Leonid Shamkovich05-06-30, 02:15pm
758Leonid Stein05-06-30, 02:31pm
639Linares_chess_tournament05-06-29, 09:08pm
659Lionel Kieseritzky05-06-29, 10:05pm
810Lisa Lane05-06-30, 10:14pm
1082Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu05-07-07, 01:46pm
1147Ljuba Kristol06-10-24, 07:17pm
1146Lora Jakovleva06-10-24, 07:16pm
485Louis de la Bourdonnais05-06-28, 02:09pm
686Lucena position05-06-29, 10:45pm

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