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From now on you can log in and play chess and chess960 games mobile with your wireless device, for example with your mobile phone or PDA. The address of the new Mobile-portal is or

Nearly all mobile phones, even older ones can access the internet. If you don´t know how to activate the internet access for your mobile phone try contact the manufacturer of your mobile phone by his website or your mobile network provider. The use of the Mobile-portal is 100% for free! Only the mobile network providers ordinarily raise small fees for surfing the internet depending on the amount of the data which is sent.

If you are not satisfied by the comfort of your mobile phone browser: Opera Mini™ is a freeware browser for mobile devices like mobile phones, PDAs or BlackBerrys. Download address:


06-08-12 now supports XfccBasic. Xfcc is short for XML web services for correspondence chess. XfccBasic is used to exchange game data between correspondence chess servers and client software.

The client software can be used to query the server for a list of games of the player, and to submit a move to the server.

XECTool is a shareware client program for XfccBasic Web Services. You can download the last version of XECTool here.

The XFCC Server-address is: (to enter in XECTool under Options -> AddServer)
06-05-31 Fullmembers can now play 5 more free single games against @-members.


Chess960! From now on you can choose between normal chess and Chess960 for your single games and tournaments.

You can either choose between one of 960 possible opening positions, or allow the computer to decide on the beginning position of the master, the mistress and the officers.
05-09-27 You can now choose between different world time zones in order to adapt all dates and times to your local time zone. Look under "my user data".
05-09-24 All messages you send and receive via can now be read and administered in the messages-centre under the link "messages". The 50 last messages (for @-members the last 10) will be stored, e.g. mails, move notifications etc.. Therefore no messages will be lost even if, e.g., the automatic move notifications are deactivated. As soon as you receive a new message it will be indicated on the screen. Each of your messages will be signed as "read" after the recipient has received your message.
05-03-26 Beside the known functions of the chess theme library a chess wiki is also available now which should contain informations on the different opening themes and variants. The conceptsĀ“ name "wiki" is derived from the Hawaiian term for "quick": "wikiwiki". The data available in the can not only be read but also be edited by each member of the community. Only contents from the own feather are permitted which do not injure an existing copyright. The contributions must stand in direct relation on the theme or variant and may contain no advertisement. In particular we point on Ā§2 of the general terms of business where the principles for any kind of publishing on are regulated.
05-03-08 By clicking the link "opening analysis" which can be found in each players profile you can display and analyse the played openings of a player. To display and analyse your own opening behavior click the link "opening analysis" under "my user data". This feature is available for full members only.
05-03-01 A world map shows all chess players who are currently online as red dots. Each single player can also be localized on a world map by clicking on the name of the country, which is diplayed in a player´s profile. In order to display a more detailed area on the map just click on the part of the world you want to see in a higher resolution.
05-01-08 By clicking the button "L" on the right side of the opened chessboard the chessboard can be called in the live-mode. Each turn of the opponent will be shown immediately and can directly be answered. If a player has activated the live-mode a small red "live!" will appear on the right side under the mini-chessboard in the "current games" folder. If a turn remains unanswered for more than 10 minutes the system automatically jumps back to the "current games" folder .
04-12-24 New additional payment method: You can subscribe quickly and securely from PayPal (an ebay-company) hosted and SSL-secured payment pages where you can set up your yearly payments! You can open a new account for free quick and easily. For you as a consumer PayPal is 100% for free!
PayPal eBay's service to make fast, easy, and secure payments for your eBay purchases!
04-11-17 Each player can now save some notes according to each of her/his currently running games. You´ll find the form-field below the chessboard under "my notes".
04-11-01 Each full member can now found a chessclub or become member of an existing one. Each chesscub is able to pick teams out of its members in order to take part in team tournaments.
Each club is given a special club-infoside, which can be filled with text and pictures. Also each chess club has its own pinboard which can only be used by the club-members to stay informed. In the forum you find a new topic: "chessclubs". And some more... Click and find out!
04-02-20 Provided that you use a screen resolution of 1024x768 px or higher, the user names of the players in the chat can now be seen next to the chat window.
04-02-05 By means of the new tool "show game", you can watch current games now. As soon as one of the players has made a move, an acoustic signal is given. If the last position has been shown, the new move will be shown automatically. The PGN and FEN are updated as well as the display of the pieces captured.
04-01-21 New: There is an extensive chess theme library with a selection of more than 2,000 different opening themes and variants. The themes are available to theme tournaments as well as to single games. Furthermore, the game database can be searched for particular themes by means of the tool "search for a game" (-> "choose a new theme")
03-12-14 You can search the games in our database for particular positions using the new tool "search for a game".


chess piece bishop

All games are classified in their PGN according to the ECO opening code.

From now on, a new search tool including different filtering criteria is available to full members who want to search games for particular moves and openings. Just log in and click "search for a game".

Games are being played: 142, Challenges: 0, Halfmoves up to now: 7.731.517
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