username:  EberlW
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country:  Germany
age:  58
myELO:  1536 (with 2 evaluated games)
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way of playing:  I donĀ“t commit myself to one way of playing!
playing strength:  no statement! (according to self-evaluation)
member since:  8th Jun 2003
last time online on:  9th Jan 2004 at 02:50am
about me:  EberlW: "Leider kann ich im Moment aus Zeitmangel keine Partien absolvieren. Hoffe mal, das "

my statistic: 

from 2 finished games:   In the last six month.:
2 x won (100%)    0 (INF%) playing the white pieces, 0 (INF%) timeouts
0 x drawn (0%)   0 (INF%) playing the white pieces
0 x lost (0%)   0 (INF%) playing the white pieces, 0 (INF%) timeouts
win rate: 100%     time/move: -- days
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