Laws of Chess - rate, time-limit, vacation

Your time limit is 10 moves in either 1 (Blitz), 10, 20, 30 or 40 days, as you choose. The days you save will be credited. 1 day of rate is 24 hours, starting with your opponent's last move.

If a player needs more than 10 days rate, he has to inform his opponent on time, i.e. at the latest 1 day before the time limit is over. (To inform your opponent that you will need more than 10 days to make your next move, just click ">10 days".) If you do so, you will be reminded (see 3.) after 26 days. If a player does not inform his opponent, he automatically loses 5 days of rate. (The display "(TL:-5d=...d)" will appear in the game manager.)

If a player has not made his move within 16 days, he will automatically receive a reminder. This reminder contains the notation of the opponent's last move and another request to make the next move (The display "move reminded!" will appear in the game manager.).

The time limit is exceeded if more than 30 days were needed to make 10 or less moves, 60 days for 20 moves, 90 days for 30 moves etc; if the time limit you have chosen is 10 moves in 1, 10, 20 or 40 days, this rule applies accordingly.

The first exceeding of the time limit automatically entails the loss of the game.

Each competitor may claim up to a total of 42 days leave during each calendar year. (You can organise your leave under "my user data".) Leave can only be taken for all current games at once and should be at least 7 days in succession. All rates and time limits are stopped during the leave. However, if the opponent is the next to make his move, his rate continues until he has made his move.

A player's holidays automatically are ended if he makes a move before the original end of his holidays. This is valid for all his current games; the last day of his holidays will be the day before he made his move.(?)

All opponents in current games will automatically be informed via email about when and for how long a player is going to be on holiday.

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