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  • I'd like to get to know myChess.de. Is there a possibility to register for free?
    Yes. You can register for free as a so called "@member". @members are labeled with an @ behind their user name, for example "player@". @members can get to know and use all essential tools provided by myChess.de. However, they may only play two games at once and their games will not be rated in the myELO-system. There is no time limit to the @membership. If an @member decides to register as a full member, he can do so under "my data" -> "upgrade"
    Test myChess.de for free now and become an @member! Click here!
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  • How can I take my holidays?
    You may take 42 days (6 weeks) of holiday each year. All your rates and time limits are stopped during the holidays and your opponents will automatically be informed about your being on holiday in advance. You can find your "holiday manager" at the bottom of your "my data" page. For further information on holidays, time limits and rates, click here: Chess-Rules - rate, time-limit, vacation.

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  • How can I save a picture of me?
    Under "my data" you find the form with which you can directly send a picture from your hard disk to myChess.de. The size of your picture will automatically be adjusted to the right size. The picture file must not be larger than 50 KB and has to be a JPG/JPEG or GIF file. Your picture will be displayed at the head of your player profile anytime another player or visitor clicks on your user name.

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  • Can I switch off the e-mail notification about my opponents´ moves?
    Under "my data" you can change your settings and determine whether you want to be informed anytime your opponent has made a move.

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  • I want to register as a full member. How much is the fee? How can I pay? 
    The monthly fee is 0,99 EUR.

    You can subscribe quickly and securely from PayPal (an ebay-company) hosted and SSL-secured payment pages where you can set up your yearly payments! You can open a new account for free quick and easily. For you as a consumer PayPal is 100% for free! If you want to do so please sign up for free as an @-member first and upgrade to full membership in a second step.

    If you possess a bank account in the federal republic of germany your membership fee will be debited directly from your bank account in advance every year, i.e. 11,88 EUR a year (including VAT). Unless you cancel your membership in writing 4 weeks before the end of this year (starting with the day of your registration), your membership will automatically be renewed for another year and another 11,88 EUR will be debited.
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  • How many games can I play at once? 
    As a full member, you can play 10 games games at once and challenge other players for a game of chess. Fullmembers can also play 5 more free single games against @-members.

    As a full member, you can also play another 22 games in tournaments.

    You can raise the number of games you can play at once and book additional amounts of 10 at 0,33EUR/month each.

    For example:
    At the moment, you are playing 4 games in a tournament and enrolled as one of by now 4 of 8 participants for another round-robin tournament with 2 rounds.
    -> With a maximum of 8 players, you play 7 games in each round. That makes 14 games in 2 rounds. Added to the 4 other tournament games, that makes a total of 22 games.
    If the tournament is opened with only 4 players enrolled, only 6 games are played in each round and you may play another 12 games in other tournaments.

    @members cannot take part in tournaments and can only play 2 games at once or challenge other players for a game of chess.

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  • How can I suggest a series of conditional moves or accept one?
    Please click here:
    Chess-Rules - The moves of the pieces

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  • I cannot log in! The error message says: "Invalid password or user name!" !
    possible reasons for this:
    1. You have not completed your registration yet: after registering, you receive an e-mail. After opening the link in this e-mail, your account will be activated and your registration will be complete so you can log in.
    2. Mind capital letters in your user name as well as in your password.
    3. If you have forgotten your password, you can have it sent to you in an e-mail. Just enter your user name or email-address in the "Forgot your password?"-form (which can be found under "log in") and click "send".

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  • Under which circumstances is a game rated in myELO?
    Only games played by full members are rated; games against @members or by two @members are not. Likewise, games against external players are not rated. The rating takes place after the games has ended. The change of the players´ myELO-rating in case of winning, losing or draw is based on their myELO-rating at the beginning of the game.
    If an external player or @member becomes a full member during the game, the game is rated and the player in question has a myELO-rating of 1,500. The expectations of profit are shown when challenging or accepting a challenge.

    The myELO-calculator can be used to simulate the rating of a game!

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  • How can I castle in a Chess960-game?
    How to castle: Move the king over the field of the rook you want to castle with.

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