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Alexandra Kosteniuk (Александра Костенюк) (born April 23, 1984) is a Russian chess player who became female European champion in 2004 by winning the tournament in Dresden. She recently obtained the highest title a chess player can have - that of International Grandmaster. This was awarded by the FIDE in November 2004. Alexandra is now the 10th woman in the whole history of chess to get the highest title.
She is also holds the titles of woman grandmaster and an international master. She is fifth on the FIDE women Elo rating list with a rating of 2516. Her beauty is seen to be one of the reasons for her popularity.

Alexandra promotes chess as a model in the hope of sparking interest in the game around the world. Her Website covers the events she is playing in and contains a large photo gallery. Because of her image, she has become known as the "Anna Kournikova of chess."

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