Anderssen opening[ edit ]
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title: Anderssen opening
notation: 1. a3
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Anderssenīs Opening is a chess opening defined by the opening move 1.a3 in algebraic notation. It is named after Adolf Anderssen who played it three times in his 1858 match against Paul Morphy.

This opening move is rare because it does little or nothing for development or control of the center. In some cases White will be able to transpose the game to an opening where 1.a3 will have been useful, but using a tempo on such a move already on move one is premature. Because of its rarity, 1.a3 is classified as A00 in the Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings.

Still 1.a3 is not the worst opening move. Although it is not a very constructive move for White it is not a destructive one, unlike 1.f3 (Barnes Opening).

Among the more common Black responses to Anderssenīs Opening are 1...d5 which makes a straightforward claim of the center, and 1...g6 which prepares to fianchetto a bishop to point down on Whiteīs slightly weakened queenside. The response 1...e5 is also possible, but White can then play 2.c4, leading to a kind of Sicilian Defense with colors reversed, where a pawn on a3 can be useful.

Adolph Anderssen

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