Bullet chess[ edit ]

Bullet Chess is a very fast game of chess where each side only has less than 3 minutes to complete all of their moves.

Time + (2/3) * Increment < 3 .

  • Time is the initial time setting for each clock (in minutes).
  • Increment is the time regained on the clock per move (in seconds).

Bullet Chess is even faster and more hectic than Blitz chess. The bullet in Bullet Chess refers to the fast speed of a bullet. Often Bullet Chess is so fast that tactics and skill are secondary to quick moves. Under USCF rules bullet games are considered blitz.

On ICC, the four time reigning bullet chess champion and bullet rating record holder is Hawkeye, but he is often overshadowed by the emerging superstar Hikaru Nakamura (AKA Smallville on ICC), who holds the "1-minute" (a special category on ICC where opponents are randomly paired, thus improving rating accuracy) and blitz rating records. Hawkeye recommends using an optical mouse and taking breaks to avoid hand injury.

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