Etienne Bacrot[ edit ]

Etienne Bacrot (born January 22, 1983) is a French chess grandmaster.

He became a Grandmaster in March 1997 at the age of 14 years and 2 months, making him the youngest person to that date to have held the title.

As well as playing in tournaments and team competitions, Bacrot has since 1995 played an annual six-game match against a prominent player in his home town of Albert. In 1996 he beat Vasily Smyslov 5-1, in 1997 lost to Viktor Korchnoi 4-2, in 1998 defeated Robert Hübner 3.5-2.5, in 1999 lost to Alexander Beliavsky 3.5-2.5, in 2000 lost to Nigel Short 4-2, in 2001 tied 3-3 with Emil Sutovsky, in 2002 beat Boris Gelfand 3.5-2.5, and in 2004 won against Ivan Sokolov 3.5-2.5 (there was no match in 2003).

In the April 2005 FIDE list, Bacrot had an Elo rating of 2731 (his highest ever), making him number nine in the world and France"s number one.

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