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Nick de Firmian (born July 26, 1957), is a [chess grandmaster and three time U.S. chess champion, winning in 1987, 1995, and 1999. He has represented the United States at several Interzonals and FIDE Chess Olympiads. A noted expert on the chess opening, in 1999 de Firmian wrote MCO-14, considered the standard single volume opening reference in English. He also helped prepare the opening book for the IBM Deep Blue team for its 1997 match with Garry Kasparov. He currently resides in Denmark with his wife, Christine, who is a chess expert and past member of the Danish Women"s Chess Team.

  • De Firmian, Nick (1999). Modern Chess Openings: MCO-14. Random House Puzzles & Games. ISBN 0-8129-3084-3.

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