QGD, Grau (Sahovic) defence[ edit ]
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title: QGD, Grau (Sahovic) defence
notation: 1. d4 d5 2. c4 Bf5
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The Baltic Defense is the chess opening that begins with the moves
1.d4 d5
  • 2.c4 Bf5

  • (The Baltic Opening is a different opening played by White that begins 1.Nc3.
    It has many other names, see Baltic Opening for details.)

    The Baltic is an unusual variation of the Queen´s Gambit Declined (QGD).
    It has not found wide-spread acceptance among chess masters, but some world-class players have used it including grandmasters Paul Keres and Alexei Shirov.

    In most defenses to the QGD Black has difficulties developing his queen bishop.
    The Baltic takes a radical approach to the problem by bringing out the queen bishop immediately.
    White has tried many moves to attempt to refute this opening,
    including 3.Qb3, 3.Nc3, 3.cxd5, 3.e3, and 3.Nf3.

    • Nunn, John (ed.), et al. (1999). Nunn´s Chess Openings. Everyman Chess. ISBN 1-8574-4221-0.

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