Laws of Chess - chessclubs, tournaments

Each full member of can lead single player tournaments and team tournaments and participate as well.

The system for each tournament and its prerequisites for participation can be seen in the announcement.

Each full member of can found a new chessclub or become a member of an existing one by applying for membership. As soon as you are a member of a chessclub a new button apears "my chessclub".

The president and the vice president of the chessclub can decide about applications for membership in the club. Also they can cancel existing memberships. Each member of the chessclub is able to cancel the own membership at any time with the exception of the president (see 10.).

The president and the vice president of the chessclub can pick a team from the members of their chessclub and announce for a team tournament since 24 hours before the tournament starts. Also they can withdraw with their team from a tournament. prerequisites for participation in a team tournament: A sufficient number of members, who have allready finisehd at least one game, who have enough free palces for additional tournament games and who are not announced for the same tournament within the team of annother chessclub.

The president and the vice president of a chessclub can announce single player tournaments only for members of their own chessclub.

The secretary takes care of the chessclubs webside with informations about the club and news from the club life.

The press-spokesperson cares for public relations and makes official club declarations.

The president distributes the positions among the club members.

If the president cancels his own membership as the last member of the club, the club is canceled too.

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