Clemenz Opening[ edit ]
ECO: A00
theme No: 1979
title: Clemenz Opening
notation: 1. h3
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The Clemenz Opening is a chess opening characterized (in algebraic notation by the move 1.h3. It is named after Hermann Clemenz (1846–1908), an Estonian player.

Like 1.a3, 1.h3 is a time wasting move even though it does not do much destructive either. It makes no claim of the central squares, nor does it aid the development of any piece. 1.h3 also leads to a slight weakening of the kingside, albeit not as severely as 1.g4 or 1.f3. Since there is no need for White to make such a time wasting move already on the first move, 1.h3 is among the rarest of the twenty possible first moves. Since the Clemenz Opening is irregular, the Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings classifies the Clemenz Opening as A00.

Black has a number of playable responses, the most common being 1...d5 and 1...e5 which stake out a claim of central space. If White starts playing well after 1.h3, Black cannot expect any great advantage.

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