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Nava Starr is one of the top female chess players in Canada. Born in Riga, Latvia, on April 4, 1949. Currently lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Married to Sasha Starr. Has one married daughter called Regina and a grandson called Mathew.

Her chess style is sharp, offensive and always looking for combinations. She favors sharp and unusual openings, such as the Gran Prix attack (Sicilian), b3 in French, f5 variation in Ruy Lopez and many others. Received the IWM title by winning her 1st Canadian Ladiesī Championship in 1978 in Victoria, British Columbia. The Best players she has defeted are: Pia Cramling (Sweden), Milunka Lasarevich (Former Yugoslavia), Barbara Hund (Switzerland) and Roman Pelts (Canada). Wrote an article in En Passant magazine dealing with the reasons on "Why men are superior to women in chess".

Major tournament and match results
  • IWM - Current Canadian Ladiesī Champion
  • 8-times Canadian Ladiesī Champion

  • Represented Canada at 10 Chess Olympiads
    • 1976 - Haifa, Israel. Won the GOLD MEDAL on 2nd board
    • 1978 - Buenos Aires, Argentina. 1st board
    • 1980 - Valetta, Malta. 1st board
    • 1982 - Luzern, Switzerland. BRONZE MEDAL on 1st board
    • 1984 - Thessaloniki, Greece. 1st board
    • 1988 - Thessaloniki, Greece. 1st board
    • 1992 - Manila, Philippines. 1st bord
    • 1994 - Moscow, Russia. 1st board
    • 1996 - Yerevan, Armenia. 1st board
    • 2002 - Bled, Slovenia. 1st board

  • 6-times participant in the individual Womenīs World Championships
    • 1978 - Alicante, Spain
    • 1982 - Bad Kissingen, Germany
    • 1985 - Havana, Cuba
    • 1990 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    • 1993 - Jakarta, Indonesia
    • 2001 - Moscow, Russia.

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