New Zealand Chess Championship[ edit ]

The New Zealand Chess Championship was first conducted in 1879.

Note: Up until 1934 foreign players were eligible for the title. The eligibility rules were changed in 1935 to preclude this; J.A.Erskine (champion in 1935) was born in Invercargill and was therefore eligible although he was domiciled in Melbourne, Australia.

The event is organised by the New Zealand Chess Federation.

1Christchurch1879H. HookhamChristchurch
2Christchurch1888/89A. M. OllivierChristchurch
3Dunedin1890H. Hookham (2nd title)Christchurch
4Wellington1890/91R. J. BarnesWellington
5Auckland1891/92F. V. SiedebergDunedin
6Christchurch1892/93F. V. Siedeberg (2nd)Dunedin
7Dunedin1893/94J. EdwardsWellington
8Wellington1894/95W. MacKayWellington
9Wanganui1895/96W. MeldrumRangitikei
10Christchurch1896/97R. J. Barnes (3rd)Wellington
11Auckland1897/98R. J. Barnes (4th)Wellington
12Dunedin1898R. A. ClelandDunedin
13Wellington1900W. E. MasonWellington
14Christchurch1901D. ForsythDunedin
15Auckland1901/02R. J. Barnes (5th)Wellington
16Dunedin1902/03J. C. GriersonAuckland
17Wellington1903/04W. E. Mason (2nd)Wellington
18Oamaru1904/05A. W. O. DaviesWellington
19Auckland1905/06R. J. Barnes (6th)Wellington
20Christchurch1906/07W. S. VinerPerth
21Wellington1908A. W. O. Davies (2nd)Wellington
22Dunedin1908/09F. K. KellingWellington
23Auckland1909/10J. MasonWellington
24Timaru1910/11W. E. Mason (3rd)Wellington
25Napier1911/12W. E. Mason (4th)Wellington
26Nelson1912/13J. C. GriersonAuckland
27Auckland1913/14W. E. Mason (5th)Wellington
28Christchurch1914/15F. K. KellingWellington
29Wellington1919/20W. E. Mason (6th)Wellington
30Dunedin1920/21J. B. DunlopOamaru
31Auckland1921/22J. B. Dunlop (2nd)Oamaru
32Christchurch1922/23J. B. Dunlop (3rd)Oamaru
33Wellington1923/24Spencer CrakanthorpSydney
34Nelson1924/25Cecil PurdySydney
35Dunedin1925/26Spencer Crakanthorp (2nd)Sydney
36Auckland1926/27A. W. O. Davies (3rd)Auckland
37Christchurch1927/28A. W. O. Davies (4th)Auckland
38Wellington1928/29J. A. ErskineMelbourne
39Wanganui1929/30G. GundersenMelbourne
40Rotorua1930/31A. W. GylesWellington
41Napier1931/32G. Gundersen (2nd)Melbourne
42Auckland1932/33M. E. GoldsteinSydney
43Dunedin1933/34J. B. Dunlop (4th)Dunedin
44Christchurch1934/35J. A. Erskine (2nd)Invercargill
45Wellington1935/36A. W. Gyles (2nd)Wellington
46Auckland1936/37H. R. AbbottChristchurch
47Dunedin1937/38S. HindinChristchurch
48Wanganui1938/39J. B. Dunlop (5th)Dunedin
49Wellington1939/40J. B. Dunlop (6th)Dunedin
50Timaru1940/41P. AllerhandWellington
51Wellington1943/44Robert WadeWellington
52Auckland1944/45Robert Wade (2nd)Wellington
53Christchurch1945/46LEPVIIKMAN T.Wellington
54Palmerston North1946/47LEPVIIKMAN T.Wellington
55Dunedin1947/48Robert Wade (3rd)Wellington
56Wanganui1948/49NIELD A.E.Auckland
57Auckland1949/50P. Allerhand (2nd)Wellington
58Christchurch1950/51LYNCH D.I.Hastings
59Napier1951/52Ortvin SarapuChristchurch
60Timaru1952/53Ortvin Sarapu (2nd)Auckland
61Wellington1953/54Ortvin Sarapu (3rd)Auckland
62Auckland1954/55Ortvin Sarapu (4th)Auckland
63Dunedin1955/56FOULDS F.A.Auckland
64Wellington1956/57FENERIDIS A.PHILLIPS J.R.WellingtonAuckland
65Christchurch1957/58PHILLIPS J.R.Auckland
66Hamilton1958/59FOULDS F.A.MENZIES B.C.AucklandAuckland
67Dunedin1959/60Ortvin Sarapu (5th)Auckland
68Auckland1960/61Ortvin Sarapu (6th)Auckland
69Wellington1961/62HAASE G.G.Dunedin
70Christchurch1962/63Ortvin Sarapu (7th)SUTTON R.J.AucklandAuckland
71Auckland1963/64COURT R.A.Wellington
72Wellington1964/65PHILLIPS J.R.Auckland
73Hamilton1965/66Ortvin Sarapu (8th)Auckland
74Christchurch1966/67Ortvin Sarapu (9th)Auckland
75Dunedin1967/68ANDERSON B.R.Christchurch
76Wellington1968/69ANDERSON B.R.Ortvin Sarapu (10th)ChristchurchAuckland
77Auckland1969/70Ortvin Sarapu (11th)Auckland
78Nelson1970/71Richard J SuttonAuckland
79Hamilton1971/72SUTTON R.J.Auckland
80Wellington1972/73Ortvin Sarapu (12th)Auckland
81Christchurch1973/74GARBETT P.A.Ortvin Sarapu (13th)AucklandAuckland
82Dunedin1974/75GARBETT P.A.Auckland
83Upper Hutt1975/76APTEKAR L.I.Murray ChandlerOrtvin Sarapu (14th)WellingtonWellingtonAuckland
84North Shore1976/77Ortvin Sarapu (15th)Auckland
85Wellington1977/78LAIRD C.Tauranga
86North Shore1978/79Ortvin Sarapu (16th)Auckland
87Upper Hutt1979/80GREEN E.M.Ortvin Sarapu (17th)SMALL V.A.AucklandAucklandChristchurch
88Christchurch1980/81NOKES R.I.Ortvin Sarapu (18th)SMALL V.A.ChristchurchAucklandChristchurch
89North Shore1981/82SMALL V.A.Christchurch
90Dunedin1982/83GARBETT P.A.GOLLOGLY D.A.AucklandAuckland
91Auckland1983/84GARBETT P.A.Auckland
92Upper Hutt1984/85Vernon A SmallChristchurch
93Christchurch1985/86LLOYD A.J.Ortvin Sarapu (19th)ChristchurchAuckland
94Wanganui1986/87DIVE R.J.Wellington
95North Shore1987/88Jonathan SarfatiWellington
96Dunedin1988/89GARBETT P.A.KER A.F.AucklandWellington
97Wellington1989/90MARTIN B.M.S.Ortvin Sarapu (20th)DunedinAuckland
98Auckland1990/91KER A.F. (2nd)Wellington
99Dunedin1991/92DREYER M.P.Auckland
100Wellington1992/93KER A.F. (3rd)Wellington
101Invercargill1993/94KER A.F. (4th)MCKENZIE P.D.WellingtonChristchurch
102Wanganui1994/95KER A.F. (5th)Wellington
103Wellington1995/96DIVE R.J.DREYER M.P.Robert W SmithWellingtonAucklandAuckland
104North Shore1996/97KULASHKO A.Auckland
105Hamilton1997/98KULASHKO A.Auckland
106Dunedin1998/99Russell J DiveWellington
107Auckland1999/00KULASHKO A.Auckland
108Waitakere City2000/01WASTNEY S.C.Nelson
109Christchurch2001/02KER A.F. (6th)Wellington
110Wanganui2002/03KER A.F. (7th)Wellington
111Wellington2003/04KER A.F. (8th)Wellington
112Wanganui2004/05KER A.F. (9th)Wellington
113Queenstown2006Murray ChandlerQueenstown and London

New Zealand Correspondence Chess Champions (start year given)

  • 1933 R.O. Scott
  • 1934 ---
  • 1935 E.F. Tibbetts
  • 1936 J.T. Burton
  • 1937 S. Hindin
  • 1938 S. Hindin
  • 1939 S. Hindin
  • 1940 G.C. Cole
  • 1941 J.A. Cunningham
  • 1942 G.C. Cole
  • 1943 G.C. Cole
  • 1944 F.H. Grant, T. Lep, N.M. Cromarty
  • 1945 C.J. Taylor
  • 1946 R.W. Lungley
  • 1947 D.I. Lynch
  • 1948 D.I. Lynch
  • 1949 N.M. Cromarty
  • 1950 N.M. Cromarty
  • 1951 H.G. King, J.A. Cunningham
  • 1952 H.P. Whitlock
  • 1953 R.W. Park
  • 1954 J.A. Cunningham
  • 1955 E.J. Byrne
  • 1956 A.E. Turner
  • 1957 D.I. Lynch
  • 1958 R.A. Court, L. Esterman
  • 1959 R.A. Court, J. Eriksen, J.A. Cunningham
  • 1960 J.A. Cunningham
  • 1961 F.A. Foulds
  • 1962 R.A. Court
  • 1963 J. Eriksen
  • 1964 F.A. Foulds
  • 1965 Ortvin Sarapu
  • 1966 R.S. Wilkin, R.A. Court
  • 1967 J.H. Patchett
  • 1968 Ortvin Sarapu
  • 1969 Ortvin Sarapu
  • 1970 R.J. Sutton
  • 1971 P.A. Garbett
  • 1972 K.W. Lynn
  • 1973 D.A. Flude
  • 1974 T. van Dijk
  • 1975 L.J. Jones
  • 1976 P.A. Clemance
  • 1977 L.J. Jones
  • 1978 R.W. Smith
  • 1979 M.R. Freeman
  • 1980 R. Chapman
  • 1981 R. Chapman
  • 1982 P.A. Garbett, T. van Dijk
  • 1983(50)M.R. Freeman
  • 1984 M.R. Heasman
  • 1985 P. van Dijk
  • 1986 G.M. Turner
  • 1987 P. van Dijk
  • 1988 H.P. Bennett, M.F.Noble
  • 1989 H.P. Whitlock
  • 1990 P.W. Stuart
  • 1991 R.J. Dive, P.W. Stuart
  • 1992 M.G. Hampl
  • 1993(60)R.J. Dive
  • 1994 G.B. Banks
  • 1995 M.G. Hampl
  • 1996 B.F. Barnard
  • 1997 B.F. Barnard
  • 1998 B.F. Barnard
  • 1999 T.J. Doyle
  • 2000 A.J. Short
  • 2001 M.L. Dunwoody
  • 2002 M.L. Dunwoody
  • 2003(70)P.B. Goffin
  • 2004 R.E. Gibbons
  • 2005 R.E. Gibbons, M.F. Noble

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