New Zealand Chess Federation[ edit ]

New Zealand Chess Federation Inc

The first chess club in New Zealand was formed in September 1863 in Dunedin.

The New Zealand Chess Association came into being in the 1870s. The association, refounded in 1892, conducts the annual championship, usually held in the Christmas ? New Year period. The Australian master, C. J. S. Purdy, stated in 1955 that New Zealand holds the record for annual tourneys for a national chess championship.

New Zealand was one of the earliest countries to make use of telegraphic interclub chess as a method of play. Christchurch beat Nelson in two consultation games in 1866. The first interclub match was played between Canterbury and Otago in 1869. The Bledisloe Cup, presented by the Governor-General in 1933, was until recently competed for annually in this way.

Officers of New Zealand Chess Federation Inc.

  • Postal Address: PO Box 216, Shortland Street, Auckland, New Zealand
  • Patron: Dr Ray Thomson
  • Vice-patrons: Graham Haase, Bill Poole
  • Life Members: Peter Stuart
  • President: Bob Smith
  • Vice-president: Hilton Bennett
  • Secretary: Bob Mitchell
  • Treasurer: Anthony Whitehouse
  • Councillors (Auckland): Vivian Smith, Felicity Timings, Paul Spiller, Michael Steadman
  • Councillors (Regional): Duncan Watts, Michael Freeman, Craig Hall, Cedric Backhouse
  • Rules Revision: Bob Smith, Bob Mitchell, Craig Hall
  • Tournament: Bob Smith, Hilton Bennett, Paul Spiller
  • Junior: Felicity Timings, Vivian Smith, Michael Steadman, Gary Judkins, Quentin Johnson, Jacinta Buist
  • Sponsorship and Publicity: Paul Spiller, Bob Smith, Michael Steadman
  • Ratings: Vivian Smith (Rating Officer), Bob Gibbons, Rowan Wood(Rating Administrator)
  • Grand Prix: Bob Smith, Hilton Bennett, Alexei Kulashko
  • Women´s Chess: Vivian Smith, Jacinta Buist
  • Registrar of Master Points: Bob Mitchell
  • Editor, NZ Chess Magazine: Graeme Trass
  • Selectors: Michael Freeman, Bob Gibbons, Scott Wastney, Richard Sutton
  • Delegate to FIDE: Michael Freeman

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