Rudolf Spielmann[ edit ]

Rudolf Spielmann (5 May 1883 - 20 August 1942) was an Austrian-Jewish chess player of the romantic school.

Rudolf Spielmann, "The master of attack", was also know as the "last romantic". His daredevil play was full of sacrifices, brillancies and beautiful ideas.

Despiste a strong opposition at that time with players like Alekhine, Capablanca, Emanuel Lasker, Tarrasch, Rubinstein, Tartakower, R. Spielmann managed to score well in numerous tournaments, winning 33 of the roughly 120 in which he played, for example:

  • 1st (Bad Pistyan, 1912)
  • 1st (Stockholm, 1919)
  • 1st (Bad Pistyan, 1922)
  • 1st (Semmering, 1926)

As a Jew, he had to flee from the Nazis and escaped to Sweden. He died in Stockholm in great poverty.

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  • According to Richard Réti, Rudolf Spielmann demonstrated "unusual resourcefulness in complicated situations, in which he felt perfectly at home".

Further reading
  • The Art of Sacrifice in Chess by Rudolf Spielmann, Dover, ISBN 0-486-28449-2.

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